The e-Security Toolkit: e-Commerce security audit, including firewall audit, LAN audit, and internet & network security

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e-Security Toolkit - e-Commerce Security Audit
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"e-Security Checklists and Security Audit Questionnaires for:
Firewalls, Internet, LAN/networks... "

Adequate security is now accepted as a basic requirement for every e-commerce or networked system. This applies to all the underlying components... the LAN, Firewall, Routers, Internet, and so on. But how do you ensure that the security is appropriate and up to scratch? How do you know that there are no major exposures? How do you audit it methodically?

To assist with all these issues, a comprehensive but extremely simple to use product is now available.... the eSecurity Toolkit. This is a series of top quality security checklists and questionnaires, focused entirely upon the security of your e-commerce and IT infrastructure.

Security Audit The e-Security Toolkit

The e-Security Toolkit is a valuable collection of electronic items and documents to assist in ensuring that your security is sound. Each item included is tried and trusted in a variety of organizations, across the world.

The toolkit is shipped in two formats: PDF and RTF. The latter is provided for those organizations which wish to import the documents to MS-Word or similar, perhaps for editing or for adding additional elements. It comprises

  • A substantial LAN/Network security questionnaire

  • A detailed firewall audit questionnaire

  • A complete security checklist, covering everything from firewalls to data access

  • Specific security questionnaires covering: virus management, network routers, contingency, system access, dial-in access and much more.

The e-Security Toolkit is designed to help you review and audit the full array of security issues. It should help you gain the assurance you need, and save countless hours of research.

Our sample pages are intended to provide an insight into the quality of this outstanding product.

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