The e-Security Toolkit: e-Commerce security audit, including firewalls, internet and LAN networks

e-Security Toolkit

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The e-Security Toolkit

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e-Security Toolkit - e-Commerce Security and Audit

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"e-Security Checklists and Audit Questionnaires for: Firewalls, Internet, LAN/networks... "

The e-Security Toolkit is a valuable collection of items and documents to assist in ensuring that your security is sound. Each item included is tried and trusted in a variety of organizations, across the world.

The toolkit is shipped in two formats: PDF and RTF. The latter is provided for those organizations which wish to import the documents to MS-Word or similar, perhaps for editing or for adding additional elements. It comprises

The toolkit is designed to help you review the full array of e-security and e-commerce security issues. It should help you gain the assurance you need for this vital activity.

e-Commerce Security Toolkit Contents

The sample pages linked to above should give an idea of the substantial depth of knowledge contained within the toolkit.

In addition to prompting in each of the areas, however, the question responses are color coded. The undesirable responses are coded in red.... indicating that remedial action could well be needed. Conversely, desirable responses are coded green.... indicating the situation is likely to be acceptable.

This should not only help you gain an overall impression with respect to the security of the element or topic being considered, but should help identify the specific steps required to improve the situation.

The e-Security Toolkit provides not only a framework for the assessment of your e-commerce or IT infra-structure, but is intended to help you locate specific exposures. It represents a significant audit and security review aid, and represents substantial value and assistance in addressing shortcomings.

e-Security Toolkit Further Information

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